Hemp Seed Butter

One of the easiest things to make with Hemp Seeds, is raw hemp seed milk and the 2nd easiest thing, is hemp seed nut butter! Yup.  Three simple ingredients, a magic bullet and a l’il love and you will have a lovely and healthy spread that kicks nut butt.

A couple of tips on this one.

  1. pulse the ingredients together in the bullet.  You may also have to take the jar off and shake it more than once.
  2. you may want to add some extra hemp oil if it’s not blending easily. I ended up adding another ½ a tsp to this batch.
  3. be careful not to blend too long as it will get warm very fast.
  4. you can also mix in some other ingredients whether you like it a bit savory or sweet! Check out my Chocolate Hemp Spread. Make sure you triple that one. 😉
  5. In the picture below, this is about the ½ way point where I added a little extra hemp oil as the blades weren’t turning and it was burnin!
  6. Here is the finished product. It can stay in the fridge quite a while but it doesn’t last long in mine! It’s also great to add into your smoothies, on sliced apples, on our yummy Chocolate Hemp Crepes, or on nice salty rice crackers.

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