HEMP nutrition 101


Hemp seed foods are one of the most underrated and misunderstood Sacred Plant Foods of our time. 

This powerful little seed has a big personality that delivers ESSENTIAL FOUNDATIONAL FUEL that the body needs. 

Besides being one of the best Superfoods ….HEMP is also healthy for the Planet too! With 40 thousand uses, hemp is an incredible
Food, Fuel & Fibre for our Future !



Did you know YOUR Body is HARDWIRED for this stuff?

YUP! Its true.

Hemp has a Unique Protein called Edistine and Globuline – similar to that of the Human body, which makes it incredibly Bio-Available.

An easy-to-digest Complete Protein, with balanced Omega 3 & 6 and GLA essential fats, fibre, are high in magnesium and iron and rich with dense nutrients and minerals your body thrives on !



  • Weight Management
  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Hormone Balance
  • Less Carb Cravings
  • Less Bloating
  • Anti Inflammation
  • Healthier & Happier Gut
  • Increased Energy
  • Better Sleep
  • Increased Libido
  • Better Digestion
  • Less Sugar Cravings

The ABC’s of HEMP!

Have you had your hemp today?

If you aren’t adding hemp to your diet everyday-you are missing out my friend! You may not know this, but Hemp Seed Foods are one of the most complete protein super foods ON THE PLANET, THAT OUR BODIES ARE HARDWIRED FOR!! That’s right! Our bodies LOVE Hemp AND ….Hemp loves us and the planet right back!!

First of all-lets just get all the confusion about hemp out of the way.
No Hemp is NOT the same as its cousin cannabis, its not rope, its not dope but it IS one of the fastest and biggest growing industry in the WORLD because people are finally waking up to this important plant for our lives!

Why should we eat hemp?

The question really aught to be – why shouldn’t we?

Even though it’s a tiny little seed-it packs a BIG PUNCH of nutrition for the body! Noted as one of the most complete plant proteins in the world with a perfect balance of essential good fats, vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the body needs! Simply adding a serving of hemp seeds to your daily routine, will help your body get back to balance-FAST!

So – why doesn’t everyone know about it?

Well…. Just because your mamma didn’t tell you about it, doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the BEST FOODS you can eat! SHE may not have heard about hemp, or heard ALL the wrong things about it, as there are a few BIG CORPS that haven’t wanted hemp to be known for many, many years…. Until now!
Hemp is on the rise again my friend and for VERY good reason-we NEED it. Hemp not only is a super nutrient dense food-but it is also one of the most SUSTAINABLE PLANTS ON THE PLANET! I know I know-it keeps getting better and better! Seriously. There are over 40,000 different uses for Hemp from food to fiber, fuel to medicine-and everything in between.

Trust me – one of the main reasons most people haven’t heard about hemp, is because they didn’t want you to!

How do I eat Hemp Seeds?

I am so glad you asked! This is the easy part because hemp seeds are so versatile with a light, nutty flavour, that you can literally add it to ANY meal to boost up your food!

From breakfast to bedtime – hemp can be used in your cereal or smoothie, added to your salad or quinoa, or you can sprinkle it on your pasta or vegetables! Its just that easy! You’re going to get a WHOPPING 11 grams of protein per 3 tbs!

*Just remember to keep it cool, as hemp doesn’t like to be cooked! Raw is best!

Can my entire family eat Hemp?

Hemp just happens to be one of those foods that anyone can eat! From your baby to your grandma and even your pet – hemp is super easy to digest due to its bio available nature therefore fuels your body fast and the energy lasts and lasts!

Are there any allergies or side effects to Hemp?

The good news to date is that hemp has no documented allergies. Due to the fact that it has no “tripsen” inhibitors or “enzyme” inhibitors, it doesn’t need to get broken down like other seeds, nuts or beans. Its totally bio available and ready to go!

Is Hemp a nut? A seed? A bean?

Hemp is actually an Achene, which is considered a fruit! Isn’t that interesting?!

So you see, adding hemp into your life is a very good thing. The more we, the consumers, eat hemp – the more farmers we will need to grow it and that again my friend is an EPIC thing.

Not only is hemp for you and me, but it is also for everyone and everything on this planet!!

If you would like to learn more about Hemp and are ready to give it a try, get our 14 DAY Sacred Superfood starter pack and FEEL the difference Hemp Seed Foods make in your body!

Interview with Allan Ogden – Pharmacist, Sports Nutritionist & hemp lover!

Why Hemp is Key to your Health!

Symentha: Alan, you mentioned that for the past 10 years that you have studied peptides and amino acids? Why were you drawn to this?

Alan: My pharmacology professor made the prediction that amino acids, peptides and proteins are the “medicine of the future” We are now seeing that happening with the results people are getting from Glutathione (a peptide) therapy and different amino acid therapies for chronic illnesses.

Symentha: You also said that when people would come in to see you at the pharmacy, the biggest deficiency was amino acids?

Alan: In 2013 the University of Windsor released a study showing for the first time ever the relationship between protein deficiencies and chronic illnesses. In the study they identified 60 “age related” illnesses as being the result of a potential lifetime protein deficiency.

Symentha: People always ask me why is it when they eat hemp protein that they lose weight, it balances their sugar levels and builds lean muscle mass?

Alan: Hemp contains a balanced mix of amino acids, bio flavanoids, peptides, and healthy fats that people feel satiated and naturally cut down on food consumption.

Symentha: This is a question I get all the time: How much hemp protein and hemp oil should we eat daily? I tell people to get at least 2 tbsp of Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Seeds and Hemp Protein per day.

Alan: There is no established limit.

Symentha: Essential Fatty Acids are still quite confusing to people as to how much to take daily and if they still need to take fish oil capsules.

Alan: 2 tbsp a day would supply adequate amounts of EFA’s (essential fatty acids) for a normal diet.

Symentha: We have heard from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) that Hemp is a powerful anti-inflammatory. What is it exactly about Hemp that makes it so effective?

Alan: It’s the EFA’s that are naturally anti inflammatory in hemp that do the work…good oils reduce inflammation!

Symentha: Also Alan, do you eat hemp seed foods??

Alan: Yes I include hemp protein in my meal plan every day….it is such great nutrition…better than rice, soy, whey protein…I choose Sacred Superfood for the quality of the hemp…simple!


Read more on Alan Ogden here:


Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Alberta 1978

Diploma in Geriatric Pharmacy University of Denver 1988

Certified Health and Wellness Trainer Center for Optimal Health, Buena Park, CA 1996

Certified Nutrition Product Advisor, Alive Institute, Vancouver, BC 2003

Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor, Alive Institute, Vancouver, BC 2004

Diploma in Body Energy Systems and Energy Medicine IHI Institute, Phoenix, AZ 2000, Updates completed 02, 04, 06, 08.

University Of British Columbia Pharmacy Update 2014