New Moon Sacred
Cacao Ceremony

with your host Symentha
sunday august 4th
at 7 PM PST
QB area

What is A Sacred Cacao Ceremony?

“The wound is the place where the light enters you”. Rumi

Pure and Raw Cacao has been used in ancient ceremonies by South Americans (the Maya) for thousands of years. The cacao plant is seen as a medicinal plant and has been used for a number of spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes throughout history. The word cacao actually came from the Maya word Ka’kau,—which means to drink chocolate together as one.

Why is Cacao Used in Ceremony?
Consumed primarily in the form of a warm and frothed drink, It was a prized possession for it was a godly potion that would grant energy and focus, feelings of euphoria and bliss and deep connection within. Also known as the “Food of the Gods” or “heart blood” due to its active ingredient called theobromine-the “plant medicine” releases dopamine and increases oxygen allowing the body to expand, the heart to open and the feelings of being in Love are aroused to help move unwanted energy and awaken true possibility. It is a gentle yet powerful heart opening sacred plant medicine that anyone looking to open their hearts and know themselves deeper, could explore.

Why participate in a sacred ceremony?


awakens the body

opens the heart


transcends the mind

Sacred ceremonies or group meditations have been taking place all over the planet for thousands of years. It is said that when people join in sacred circle, it has the potential to transform the world. Researchers have proven the power of group meditation, and the results seem to validate what the ancient sages say, how ceremony or rituals serve as a bridge between our outer and inner worlds, between the profane and the sacred and between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Your Heart Awakening Full or new Moon Sacred Cacao Ceremony includes:

Ceremonial Cacao + Chakra Clearing + Transformational Breathing + Sacred Space = Heart Awakening and an inner feeling of FREEDOM!



– A Ceremonial Serving
– Sacred Circle
– Heart Meditation


– Understanding the Chakras
– Clearing the Chakras
– Balancing the Chakras


– Learning to Breath
– Using Breath for Healing
– Alchemy of Breath

YOUR in-person Sacred Cacao Ceremony Includes:

A guided 2 1/2 hour Ceremony w/Symentha
  • 1-2 Servings of Ceremonial Cacao Paste
  • Heart Opening Meditation
  • Safe and Sacred Sharing Circle
  • Intentional Releasing & Plant New Seeds
  • Chakra Healing
  • Trauma Releasing
  • Intentional Transformational Breathwork
  • Journalling PDF
  • Full/New Moon Energy update
  • Sacred Morning Guide Manual

$33 Per Person

$44 w/Psilocybin & Rappé -*Sananga Vision Quest Journey Medicine included if desired.


Symentha’s Sacred Cacao ceremony is an experience I won’t soon forget! From the moment I arrived, I was welcomed and felt comfortable while we were guided on preparing for the evening’s ceremony. The cacao, delicious and heart opening, combined with meditation and breathing, is an experience that needs to be experienced!! Oneness, Love, Joy, Bliss, Peace, Spirit… are words that come to mind. Symentha really know’s how to bring forth a a beautful experience of transformation in a safe and comfortable space.


– Marc C. CL Radio Host


Hey Symentha. Just a quick hello and thank-you for running that amazing Cacao ceremony the other day. Wow! I really enjoyed the peace and loving energy you shared with us all. The circle was powerful and steady throughout the Breathwork. What a great bunch of inward travellers you attracted that night, together we made magic. I’m certainly looking forward to next time.

– Damien Gendron. Welder


Symentha’s cacao ceremony featuring an incredible breath work meditation is powerful and moving and full of heart and love. She has a unique spirit and passion that clearly is alive and vibrant and must be experienced

– Ian B. Musican


I keep coming back to Symentha’s ceremonies for the experience of collective co-creation. Through her grace and guiding we release what doesn’t serve us, call in new energy and share our experiences in a powerful circle of sistars and brothers. Every circle brings authentic relational healing to each of us and through each of us!


– Martina. Finance


What a magical, thank you all for sharing space with me. It was wonderful being in ceremony with you all

– Francesca. Healer


I have just completed my first cacao ceremony with Symentha and it was amazing. She is really professional and guided all the participants brilliantly. I personally had an extraordinary breakthrough, resolving an issue I have had for a very long time. The sharing and receiving of energy was powerful and emotional. Thank you Symentha for introducing me to this sharemony and creating a very heart centred space Thank you!” Todd

– Todd R. Personal Trainer

Join me in sacred ceremony

“12 years ago when I experienced my first Cacao Ceremony –
it felt like my heart cracked open and I could breath for the first time. It awakened something deep inside of me that felt buried for lifetimes and all I wanted to do was share it with others so they could feel the magic and bliss of it too.”  xo Symentha

”The longest journey one will take in their lifetime is the journey from their head to their heart.” unknown


Ceremonial Cacao- A Heart Awakening Sacred Food

CACAO: Liquid Bliss. Food of the Gods. Heart Blood. Sacred Heart Medicine.

Ceremonial Cacao in its pure and raw form has been known for thousands of years as a sacred heart awakening medicine that brings people together in Sacred Ceremony to heal, to feel and to awaken the heart to guide the soul.

Now is a time more than ever, that we need to get back to our hearts and remember who we are. With the gentle but Blissful Assistance of Sacred Cacao, we can open up our hearts, reconnect with our true selves and our inner wisdom and bypass the intellect in favor of our intuition and instinctive knowing.


Chakra Clearing- for Balance and Harmony

The seven Chakras are the main energy vortex centers of the body that are aligned along the spinal column and are connected to the various organs and glands within the body. They are responsible for distributing the life energy into the body, which is known as Qi or Prana. You’ve probably heard people talk about “unblocking” their chakras, which refers to the idea that when all of our chakras are open, energy can run through them freely, and harmony exists between the physical body, mind, and spirit.

Chakra translates to “wheel” in Sanskrit, and you can imagine them like wheels of free-flowing positive energy.

When the harmonious balance of the seven chakras is disrupted or damaged, it can cause several problems in our lives, including our physical health, emotional health and our mental state of mind.


Transformational Breathwork- A Vital Part of Your Health

Breath to Heal. Transformational Breathwork is vital to clear trauma from the body and jump start healing as a way of tapping into the power of something we usually take for granted – our breath. By using our breath consciously instead of auto-pilot or shallow breathing-we can experience more mental clarity, increased immunity, more energy and move stagnant emotions from causing dis-ease.

Stress Reduction, Trauma Release, Addiction Relief.
This type of breath work can address medical problems like asthma, headaches, and even addictions. It’s natural, safe and healthy. You can expect to experience an expanded state of consciousness – as your whole system will experience better oxygen supply and old stagnant energy will be saying “bye-bye”.  Breath, is key, to life.

Why participate in a Sacred Cacao Ceremony?

Sacred ceremonies or group meditations have been taking place all over the planet to celebrate many different things.  It is said that when people join in sacred circle, it has the potential to transform the world.  Researchers have proven the power of group meditation, and the results seem to validate what the ancient sages said, that there is greater peace in the vicinity of the enlightened. Individually we may not see ourselves as enlightened, but together we see eachother in our raw truth.
Sacred cacao ceremonies bring waking hearts together to witness and hold space for eachother as we expand into our highest selves.  Beyond ego and projection, where the sacred authentic self exists.  From that place of the hearts truest wisdom, we can then have more access to choose to live our lives from love.  Life is about relationships and together, we heal.
 With chocolate as our guide, breath as our catalyst and a sacred circle of brothers and sisters…..we become Alchemists.

What to expect

Beginning with intention, we gather together in a sacred circle yet we remain deeply in our own presence in order to connect with our own hearts.  As we share authentically who we are and are witnessed in our self exploration by our fellow brothers and sisters, the bitter sweet medicine of pure raw cacao allows the edges of the body to soften and illuminates our feelings of love and bliss in the body and mind, so healing can take place.

Within this space of opening, we then focus on intentional breath work within each of the 12 chakras, creating a synergy between the physical and the spiritual and bringing them into one. As we integrate into wholeness, we then bring forth our hearts true desire to walk our journey with a greater purpose and connectedness to source and our true being.

Here you will experience a feeling of freedom from within, separate from your own identity.  It is in this space that we transform energy to heal.

Cacao + Chakra Breathing + Sacred Circle = Transformation and an inner feeling of FREEDOM!


How do I prepare myself?

 The cleaner you eat and drink during the day, the more the “love medicina” can have its way and work its magic on your being. Come hydrated and avoid caffeine, alcohol or over-eating as this will cause stress on the liver and digestive system.  Raw cacao in this form stimulates the liver and those who are sensitive or not well, may experience some detoxifying effects.

Its important to come with an empty belly, wear comfortable clothes, bring your favourite pillow or blanket if you desire and be prepared to go deep within yourself.

How long does the ceremony last?

The ceremony typically lasts around 3 hours. We begin with getting comfortable and sharing our intentions, exploring the mysteries of our chakras, embodying the magical bliss of sacred cacao and then moving into the 1hr transformational breathwork.

Please arrive 15 minutes early and come with an empty belly and a hydrated body!

*There will be a light potluck after so please bring your favorite veggie dish.

 Many blessings and I look forward to sharing sacred space with you!




How do I prepare my sacred temple?

The cleaner your body temple is, the deeper you will go and the more magical your journey will be. The best thing you can do, is feed and clean your body and mind before the Journey with proper foods and supportive tools that will nourish you and allow more opening.

*We recommend one of our Sacred Superfood Health Packs or our Awaken 30 Day Program at least 2 weeks before the ceremony,  which supports the Dieta protocol and sets you up for ceremony success.


Feed your body

The first step, is to prepare the Sacred Temple-YOUR BODY! consisting of what’s known as a “dieta” = clean and simple eating and avoiding certain stimulants and toxins, for the plant medicine to freely work its magic within your system.



Clear Your Mind

When the body is cleaner, the mind becomes clearer to manifest our heart’s desire.  With the support tools provided we get clear with our intentions and start created a space of deliberate and conscious creation.



awaken your heart

When the Body and Mind are in Harmony, the Heart begins to run the show vs the ego.  From this place we access our hearts power and can feel the Oneness with the Universe.Clean Body + Clear Mind = Balance & Harmony  for the Heart to feel safe to BE FREE!



Starter pack


1x Sacred Superfood – Hemp Seeds

1x  Sacred Superfood – Hemp Protein

1x Catalyze Mineral & Enzymes

1x Shapeshift Hemp Meal Replacement

warrior pack


1x Sacred Superfood – Hemp Seeds

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1x Phytomune Plant Sterols



1x Sacred Superfood – Hemp Seeds

1x Sacred Superfood – Hemp Protein

1x Catalyze Enzymes

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