Just as the seasons change, so do we.  As we all know, change is never comfortable.  When we are naturally in flow with the cadence of change, the transition from one season to the next can be gentle.  However-when we are out of touch with ourselves, our body and our environment, the shift can a bumpy road.

Its when we resist the change that we get sick.  Take Fall-time for example.  Fall calls for letting go.  When we observe nature and how it doesnt judge, it just simply allows what doesnt serve it any longer to fall-away.  It is actually showing us what to do. No struggle.  No shame.  This is a good time for us to slow down, take note of what needs to go and then amp up our nutrition, as our body does need extra energy to shed.

Simply adding extra salads and good fats into your daily routine, kicking up the superfood use and maybe make some homemade soup.  Taking care of yourself on a daily basis and giving your body what it needs-more water, more greens, more deep breathing-your body will respond with grace and ease.