Shapeshift – Plant Protein Superfood Blend


Plant Protein Superfood Blend

  • Whole Food Protein Blend.
  • Weight Management.
  • Alkalizing.
  • Anti-Inflammatory.
  • Hormone Support.

Ships to U.S.A. & Canada only

Shapeshift is a Superfood Plant Protein Blend designed with your Strength, Immunity, Hormone Health & Vitality in Mind. Simply add 1- 2 servings to your daily Health Routine.

INGREDIENTS: Hemp Protein, Vegetable Blend (Spinach, Carrots, Beets, Kale, Cucumber, Cabbage), Pumpkin Protein, Green Barley, Blueberry Powder, Fulvic acid, Maca, Curcumin, in a base of Apple Extract.

USAGE: Add 2 tbs. to water, fresh organic juices, non-dairy beverages, smoothies or your favorite recipes.

Made in Canada