Most people assume that whey protein is just good simple protein. The fact is, whey is a highly processed and nutritionally devoid food source. Sure ANY protein you ingest will help you build muscle, and whey is no different in that regard, but when it comes to a more well rounded source of protein, Hemp can out-muscle whey any day.

What you may not know about whey is that it is in essence a bi-product of milk production. It is the leftover slurry created when the milk and cheese is produced. This is run through various processes, and filtrations that eventually gives you the final product in its powdered form. It is well known that the more a food is heated (or pasteurized) and processed the less enzymes and living nutrients remain – in essence, the more dead it is.

Hemp protein in its various forms are rarely heated. Oils are usually cold pressed, leaving much of the enzymes and micronutrients in tact. This stuff is ALIVE!! Usually hemp seeds are hulled, some are pressed to make oil, and then the cake (seed mash) is ground up to make powders. Their is no milking, cooking, or heavy processing.

On a purely nutritional standpoint Hemp has HUGE advantages over Whey:

Whey is high in cholesterol, Hemp has none.

Whey has no omega fatty acids (EFAs), Hemp has tons,and in perfect ratios (3:1).

Whey has tons of fillers , additives and sweeteners, Hemp has little to none.

Whey outside of protein offers little nutrition, Hemp is loaded with vitamins and minerals, EFAs and GLAs (Gamma-linoeic acids).

Whey contains allergens such as milk, soy and wheat, Hemp is usually allergen free*.

Whey is full of casein a protein linked to cancer and tumour growth, Hemp is casein-free.

Hemp is 100 % non GMO, and does not need chemical spraying. Crops to feed cows to produce whey are usually fed high amounts of GMO corn and soy which is heavily sprayed with pesticides and fungicides, you eat these too when you eat animal products that are fed them.

Don’t believe it?! Here are a couple of labels for your perusal. Please do your own research and find the conclusions for yourself.

Whey                                    Hemp

It’s no surprise that with the heavy amount of marketing and advertising that Whey protein is so popular – but as people begin to look deeper into our food system and realize the truth, this will change. Whey is another heavily processed food “product”, and Hemp is a vibrant living food -that’s why it spoils , because its alive. Whey lasts a long time because it has been so highly processed, filled with preservatives and is already deadened in a sense. Which would you rather put in your body?

The answer is obvious.