We have all been taught to believe through government institutions, education and our parents that the current recommended diet of meat, dairy, vegetables and grains is the optimal diet. Research has shown that the SAD (Standard American Diet) does more harm then good.

So how can hemp help? First off, the hemp’s seed is one of the most comprehensive nutritional seeds that can be found in nature. With its high density of protein and essential fats it is arguably one of the world’s most perfect foods. On top of this, hemp seed provides a full spectrum of amino acids that are essential building blocks for everything from building muscle to transporting nutrients between cells.

Research has shown that most diets in the western world are deficient in these essential nutrients.Jones and Erdmann explain the changes in medical opinion in the following way:

“Unfortunately, in the real world countless factors are working to prevent our bodies from receiving a full and balanced supply of these all-important substances. Among these factors are the pollution caused by burning fossil-fuels, the hormones fed to cattle, the intensive use of fertilizers in agriculture, and even habits such as smoking and drinking, all of which can prevent our bodies from fully using what we eat.

Worse still is the amount of nutrition that is lost from our food through processing before we actually get to eat it…By providing the body with optimal nutrition, amino acids help to replace what is lost and, in doing so, promote well-being and vitality.”

I grew up a product of the 80’s on a steady diet of white bread, processed food and lots of sugary snacks. I began to see my health deteriorate as I got older and the stresses of an unhealthy diet took their toll on my body. I have found hemp to be an amazing food that began to revitalize my health and overall wellness.

There are lots of sources that you can do this research and below is a great TV documentary on the state of the food system.