With the seductive summer months, always come the cravings for soothing, cool, sweet treats. Sometimes when I hear that ice cream truck coming down the street, there’s a part of me that wants to jump up and scream “ice cream”! I momentarily get lost in a fantasy of seeing myself running down the street in slow motion with unicorns and rainbows accompanying me along my journey to sweet freedom. Suddenly, I snap out of my spell and wake up! I’m struck with the reality that I’ve been down that candy cane lane and all it leads to is a house of pain. The truth is, as kids we were never thinking of the ingredients involved, how it was made or whether it was “healthy” for us.  We remember the feeling of freedom in the moment and we wanted it:   NOW! Well, we are essentially feel-good pleasure-pain seeking creatures, that still have that inner child within looking for that instant gratification satisfaction.  However, there comes a point in our lives when we become either sick, sick of the pain, or sick of the aftermath of guilt.  Hopefully before it gets too late, we become more aware and mature enough to know that the temporary taste and feeling of cheap toxic treats are just not worth it anymore. The good news is, that we can still have our sweet treats, sooth the inner beast and actually get healthy at the same time! In fact, it’s easier than we think when we start taking our own health in our own hands and I have proof! One of my favorite things to make in the summer, is my own homemade hemp seed ice cream!  Thats right. Quick. Easy. Healthy. And your unicorns and sparkly balloons can come along too. 😉

Mango Hemp Ice Cream

mango hemp ice cream

Blend in a blender and freeze in a baggie and pull out ½ hour before you want to serve it and pulse it in the blender a little. Or Use an ice cream maker. Enjoy!

So now we know the inner screaming for ice cream, is really a cry for sweet self love.

  Love yourself right by checking out our sweet Hemp Seed Food recipes by clicking the link below: https://hempqueen.ca/recipes/ hempqueen.ca Eat the Change. xo