Each Starter Pack Contains:
  • 1x tub Sacred Superfood – Hemp Seeds
  • 1x bag Sacred Superfood – Hemp Protein
  • 1x Genesis
  • 1x Catalyze
  • 1x Transcend
  • 1x Phytomune
  • 1x Shapeshift
  • 1x Defend

Ships to U.S.A. & Canada only

This Program is designed to get to Know Yourself – Your Body, Mind & Spirit through a Holistic System of Rebooting, Rewiring and Reviving your Being! Phase 1 we focus on the Body and the right fuel for YOUR specific body type.  We track and tweak and get your body back to balance-naturally!  With our high vibe supplements & Superfoods, our personalized meal planner and recipes to guide you-you’ll get back to your body’s best health with grace and ease! Phase 2 we focus on the Mind – we start establishing a healthy morning routine, adding Yoga and Stretching & creating a deeper Mind/Body connection. Phase 3 we go deep into embracing our spirit by introducing meditation & breathwork and activating a gentle self love practice to honor the Sacred Being that YOU are!  So join me today on this 30 day Holistic Bootcamp and together we will Awaken the Warrior Within!

  • 3 Zoom Calls with Symentha
  • Daily Emails right to your inbox
  • Healthy Recipe Videos
  • Personalized Meal Plan
  • Healthy Morning Ritual Guide
  • Yoga & Strengthening Exercise Videos
  • Meditation & Breath-work Videos
  • Access to Sacred Cacao Ceremony
  • Meal Planner Calendar
  • Journal PDF’s

Info: Online Participation


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