Born out of the necessity to save our mother’s life!

In 1992 the founders wife was dying of an incurable disease called Lupus, given no hope anywhere they turned to the bodies amazing miraculous ability to heal itself, within 8 months she was vibrant and showing no symptoms of Lupus anymore, what will your story be?

The Root of all Disease

95% of all diseases starts in our digestive system, Are you at risk?

Never before has a company designed an entire product line & lifestyle around addressing and preventing the root cause behind majority of today’s diseases.

The Avena Lifestyle

Avena Originals believes that every disease condition can be improved (in many cases permanently reversed) when you know how to activate the tremendous regenerating force that is within you. How? By Eliminating Toxins and Enhancing Nutrition in the way it happened before the Industrial Revolution when wholesome foods were grown locally and unadorned with petrochemicals. Vibrant health is natural. It should be simple. Keeping your body healthy doesn’t require a degree. You can take charge and make it happen. We can help.

Food is the most powerful medicine or it is the slowest form of poison, you decide?

Avena’s Lifestyle focuses on 80% raw living foods, and 20% cooked foods, with great emphasis on 100% of it being clean whole foods!