Self Love is Key to Self Mastery


For most of my life I had believed that I was ugly. That there was something wrong with me. That I was a mistake.

Why? Because all of these things were told to me as a child.
So I believed it.
It has taken me my whole adult life to unwind these beliefs.
Low self worth and self hate beliefs are learned programs.


Enter: Forgiveness.

 What more and more people are beginning to understand is how trauma (especially childhood) affects our lives. Our behaviours and addictive tendencies, our relationships with everything from family to money and how much we love or hate ourselves.

Enter: Acceptance.

The most important thing you can do as an adult is to take responsibility for how you choose to live with the reality of the past, learn from it, forgive it and then evolve it into gratitude. For these traumas happened for a reason.

Enter: Gratitude.

Do it now if you haven’t done it already the time is now to start to go through the pain to unravel it and unwind it out of your nervous system. The memory will be there-even if it’s deduced to a feeling- but it doesn’t have to affect you anymore if you choose to not allow it.


Enter: Self Love.

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