Exposing the truth of the Whey Scandal will hopefully have more athletes reconsider their protein choices. In the past, whey use to be thrown away, until big business realized they could make money off the “high protein” waste product and sell it to athletes by means of seducing their senses to make them believe Whey was the Way to a better, sexier body. Indeed, we know this is not true.

Exposing the truth

All it produces is a lot of bad gas, extra acid in the body and puts the system into overdrive to try and get it out as fast as possible, while robbing the body of vital nutrients on its way out. More and more people are switching to Vegan or Vegetarian options because we are waking up to the truth that nature, is better than man made isolates. Hemp and Pumpkin seed protein concentrates, are among the best proteins on the market, being easier to digest, adding vitality and enzyme rich nutrients to the body . Say no WAY to WHEY and say yes to the best food for your body! YOU, are worth it!