We all know we need more people that are willing to be the change we wish to see in the world.  Willing to evolve  the old world way of thinking that comfort, is our number one value. 
Comfort is the very thing that is slowly killing us and burying a beautiful world with our “disposable distractions”.
Distractions from the very fact that WE have all created the world we live in. It is US who perpetuates the very things that we dislike about the world today that are created from our day to day living of comfort and temporary feel-good-freedoms. 
Sad but true.
Most of us are comfort seeking addicts that live for feel good shit that takes us away from KNOWING the REAL miracles of LOVE that we truly ARE. 
Do we want to change? Do we really want to give up our feel good habits for the greater good of all?  For the greater good of ourselves?  
Those little habits we live out robotically everyday-when we rush around reactively, not being present and we start looking for comfort foods and fast things to change our moods.  Constantly chasing the high of the sex, drugs and rock n roll.  They seem to be the very things we are living for!
How can we possibly stop and think about the “whole”, if every time we get stressed and triggered out of our comfort zone and need to fill our “holes”?

Do we really care?  Or, are we just animals?

In many ways we are worse than animals because we are the only creatures on planet earth that leave a footprint of garbage behind.  We have allowed the system of mass consumerism to take over our lives and make us slaves to a society of quick fix’s so we don’t have to feel the truth of the trap we are in.  The trap that keeps us small and reactive and unable to see beyond all the marketing tactics to get us to buy “things” and actually see who we truly are as human beings.

 We are not animals. We, are miracles. We have just forgotten who we are.