The Lean Little Pig Story

Here is the fun story of how my family discovered the healing properties of hemp as a Superfood.

It seemed my father and brother came across this somewhat forbidden seed on their quest to create a protein powder made from wild rice. Upon their search it came to their attention that in order to get the wild rice from its natural form into its concentrated powdered form, it had to be heated beyond the level that was viable to keep the enzymes in tact. Meaning, it lost almost all of its nutrients in the process of powderizing it.

This, was no longer an option because their main goal was to maintain the integrity and wholeness of this wild grain, without compromising its health value.  

Fortunately, life had other plans for them. They ran into a farmer in Saskatchewan that had the “leanest little pigs” they’d ever seen. When they asked the farmer what hey fed them, he explained how the local hemp farmer was giving him the “cake” (hemp hulls) that were left over from pressing the hemp oil from the seeds.

They both got goosebumps in that same moment. After they had the hemp cake analyzed, they quickly discovered that this was the wild seed they were searching for and would devote their lives to sharing with the world. Not only is it loaded with massive amounts of bio available and easy to digest plant protein, a perfect ratio of omega 3,6,9 minerals and antioxidants, but it was also good for the planet. Believe it or not, but there are more than 40,000 uses for the hemp plant… and getting high is not on that list.

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