This long weekend called Labor/Labour Day, is defined globally as being a day of celebrating the freedom and right to being able to work as a man or woman in this world. Basically, taking a day off to pay tribute to being able to work, by not working for a day. 🙂
Um, ok?
In other words – celebrating being “slaves to the system and being allowed to work in it” and then taking the day off as a way of feeling free for a day and making it a holiday.”
It just doesn’t make common sense! Oh and…what does “labour/labor” really mean anyway?
One meaning of Labor is to exert energy by working hard physically and the other one, is to give birth.
Hmmmm.We really are meaning making machines, aren’t we!
It’s VERY Interesting how words have different meanings depending upon the meaning we give it and who it is given from. It is true, that words cast spells on what we give energy to – so, what are we giving our “energy” to?
We either give our energy to the system (outside of us), or we give our energy to awaken (within us).
Can we be in-it-and-not-of-it? Can we do both- “work the system like it works us, then go work on our Awakening?!” 😉
I say, let’s take this day called Labor Day and give it a new meaning! To really celebrate the Labor of Love we give to ourselves for continuing to work hard to awaken, give birth to our dreams and have a big party!!
So, let’s celebrate our Awakening and Happy “Labor of Love” Day!! to all of you and may you celebrate yourself and feel proud of all the work you do, to keep on awakening. 🙂
God bless us all and Godspeed to our Awakening!
Love, Symentha