What is your Dosha?

In Ayurveda, each of us has a unique mind-body type, known as a dosha. Think of a dosha as your individual blueprint that describes your unique personality, tendencies, and physical nature. Understanding your dosha reveals how to keep yourself in balance to stay happy, healthy and disease free.

By gathering information in this quiz, we’ll give you a breakdown of your specific dosha blend along with personalized practices for mind, body and spirit well-being.

Discover your mind-body type

Answer each question as objectively as possible, selecting the option that best describes yourself for most of your life, not necessarily in this moment or situationally. If you’re having a hard time doing so, try selecting the option that best describes someone similar to you.

If you developed an illness in childhood or as an adult, think of how things were for you before that illness. If more than one quality is applicable in each characteristic, choose the one that applies the most.

My natural frame can best be described as

My lifelong tendency with weight has been

Most of my life, my body temperature has felt

In general, my appetite is

In general, my stamina over the day is

My lifelong tendency with sleep has been

I prefer my daily routine to be

Most of my life, I have made choices

Overall, my temperament is

Usually, when under stress I become

Ready to find out what your Dosha is?