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Welcome Health Seekers!

Everyday I continue to meet people just like you that struggle like I use to, with food addictions, health challenges, low energy and a loss of desire.  Being addicted to sugar, carbs, caffeine and stimulants for energy when your system is depleted, takes its toll on our ability to thrive. Feeling frustrated and tired all the time,  I’ve been there.  You’re probably like I was- looking for a better way to be healthy and free from the toxic food industry without the stress of completely having to change your already busy life.

This is the very reason why I created this health hub.  To inspire and empower YOU to take your health into your own hands and live a healthy and happy life that’s also good for the planet too!

This is where Hemp nutrition, high vibrational and pure superfoods, antioxidants and immune boosting foods, comes to the rescue!

Hemp is A rare and complete plant protein that has essential nutrients and fatty acids that the body needs.  Once you start fuelling your body with this anti-inflammatory,  rich and nutrient dense super food-your body starts to balance itself out naturally.

Cravings for sugar and other quick fix energy sources start to fall away, as your body becomes a self healing machine.

Good food in, body switches on, dirt be gone!

Our Sacred Superfood products and programs will change your life and if you’re ready to get started there’s no time like NOW!

Symentha xo


20 Years of being the Hemp Queen!

It wasn’t until Hemp Seed Foods came into my life that I finally had a taste of what real health felt like.  I wasn’t always the Hemp Queen, in fact I was more of a Sugar Princess up until my early 30’s.

As I began to eat hemp on a daily basis, my body and mind began to transform in ways beyond imagination. I had more energy, my digestion problems settled, my cravings for sugar disappeared and my overall sense of health and well being were better than they’d ever been.

All the bad habits of consuming copious amounts of sugar, caffeine, breads, dairy and alcohol that were causing stress and inflammation in my body, began to fall away. These so-called foods I was eating my whole life, were like drugs that I was addicted to, living off the energy rush of the adrenaline high just trying to survive.

Hemp became my new addiction and new passion to share with the world and hopefully inspire them on their journey with hemp.

Hemp, Health & Happiness Coach
Symentha is Certified in Hypnotherapy, Hatha Yoga, she is a Sacred Cacao facilitator & a Wellness Coach.

The Story Of A Seed And The Humble Holmes Family

When we first entered the health industry over a decade ago, we brought forth something that the world had never seen.

A protein powder made from industrial hemp seed that looked like dirt and tasted like weed.

Other than the lean little pigs that were given this seed-cake by-product for food, our father built a mill that transformed it into a user-friendly form,  so people could “have their cake and eat it too”!

We knew we had something special on our hands with this super food seed, that had a nutritional profile that surpassed anything we had ever seen.

My brother and fathers quest for the perfect protein had finally ended and our life with hemp began to be heard and seen.

We had our humble hemp beginnings. In fact it wasn’t easy gaining a piece of the prime real estate in the field of health.  In a world of Whey and Soy, our bags of dirt started at the bottom of the shelf.

Education became key.

Our family hit the streets and one demo at a time, we passionately shared our story and the truth of this powerful food and the effects it had on the body.

Assuring people they wouldn’t get high, promising them it would taste good and guaranteeing the feeling, one by one we began to win peoples hearts from the soy and whey world.

We have something so real and so rare with our humble hemp company, that our heart felt stories and our truth and transparency is exactly what the world needs.