By learning to make your own  Homemade Hemp Seed Milk for you, your loved ones and your community, you will save money, get healthier and help the planet too!

Most of us, took the cadence of our parents rhythm and drank cow’s milk or soy milk right after mamma’s milk, or in some cases, in lieu of.

We all know cows milk is made for baby cows right? So, if that is true, then why would we be drinking something that isn’t even created for us? In fact, it really isn’t our right at all. It would kind be like me needing something creamy for my coffee that I need as my comfort or even my addiction, (lets be real) and I come over to your mamma’s house and force her to make some milk for me? Pretty weird eh.

This brings to question, why would we even want to drink milk from another creature? Can we digest it? Is it good for me? How is this made? Is this natural? The truth is, it’s been a habit. Our parents did it, their parents did it, TV told us to do it, pretty actors with mustaches told us to do it…..

Think about it. If we knew we had “mamma milk options”, would we really choose another animals milk to drink that is for her baby? Especially knowing the truth of how it is created for our creamy comfort ONLY, in the first place. I wonder if its convenient for her.

Ok, so you don’t drink cow’s milk. Great. So, what do you use as your creamy comfort alternative?

Soy? Almond? Rice? Oat? Cashew? Hazelnut? Coconut?

There are many dairy alternatives (that come in tetra packs and add to landfills!) that you can find in any grocery story nowadays. Options are epic and are even said to raise our self esteem! However, the problem with most commercialized dairy alternatives, is they are loaded with thickening agents that research has shown could cause ulcers and possibly even contribute to GI Cancers. Not to mention other preservatives, sugars and have actually very little nutritional value at all.

So, what to do? Best thing to do is, if you are going to continue buying commercial dairy alternatives, look at the label and steer clear away from any of them that contain thickening agents, sugar, or other additives or preservatives that you can’t pronounce. (If you find one, let me know!:))

Or, the other thing you can do is….brace yourself…..Oh know you may have to work here….uh oh…..


8 great reasons why homemade hemp milk trumps any other milk:

  • 60 seconds to prepare

  • Costs pennies on the dollar

  • Omega’s 3 & 6 Essential fatty acids

  • Complete & BioAvailable Plant protein

  • Zero toxic fillers, sugars or thickeners

  • Raw, enzyme rich with vitamins & minerals

  • Cruelty and antibiotic free

  • Anti Inflammatory properties

Join me and the hemp revolution and  lets go to the next level of creating your own homemade hemp milk for you and your family, your community and the planet.   xo Symentha